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Game Description

An undamaged robot slowly reboots alone, discarded and in an unfamiliar place. Soon the realisation sets in that it has been scrapped for a newer model and is close to being recycled, but why was it scrapped? Why replace the unbroken? And how can it escape it's impending doom? Other more experience but damaged robots may hold the key to its escape but can it find others willing to help him escape his fate knowing they cannot do the same?

Project Rundown

After spending over a week or so messing around with a few different ideas, I started to panic a little. Plan A and B didn't work out mainly because I came to the realisation that the idea's couldn't be completed within the time limit(swirly Pipe tutorial was one of them). The tutorial for swirly Pipe had a completed project unity package I could have downloaded but I didn't see any learning outcomes from simply downloading the project and adding my own models,textures, particle effects to it, I wanted everything to be my own work from coding in C# ,modelling, textures etc.

So this is plan C, and I've learned a lot from it, There are way too many animated meshes that as far as I know cannot be batched and naturally they can't be statically batched either because their animated and moving around. Each track is maybe 10 polys but the sheer amount of them moving has made the game very laggy. My personal goal for the assignment was to learn more about coding rotations in unity and some basic level design, modelling, some simple particle effects, animations both created in unity and exported from 3Ds max and applying some of the new techniques/ plugins I've learned how to use over the year like fungus or some simple camera effects etc. In the end and for the second time this year the project build works on my badass full tower rig but is almost unplayable on my mid range laptop(way to laggy). I'm slowly learning about what I should keep an eye on in terms of my games performance in terms of shadows, lighting,animations, texture batching, static batching and all the fundamental elements of optimising my games and how they combine in my scenes but naturally enough for myself I made a lot of mistakes straight out of the "what not to do handbook" and the fact that I'm being graded on unfinished work I'm not really happy with always makes me fairly anxious and uneasy about other people's opinions on it.


"Arrow Keys" to move, "space" to jump


Assignment_6_finished(not_really).zip 57 MB